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Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences allow parents and teachers the opportunity to work
together in ensuring the needs of students are met so they can succeed in the
classroom. Kelly Langston, president of the Guilford County Council of PTAs,
provided the following tips so parents can get the most out of meetings with
their child's teacher:

1.Tell your child you are meeting with his or her teacher. Explain that you want
to be involved in their education. Ask your child if they have any concerns that
they would like for you to discuss with the teacher.

2.Take time to prepare. Make a list of questions so you can remember all the
things you would like to discuss. Also, read materials that have been sent home,
including student and parent expectations.

3.Start the conference by thanking the teacher for educating your child and for
meeting with you. This shows the teacher that you value their role in your
child's development and helps you form a positive relationship in which to
discuss concerns you or the teacher may have.

4.Ask questions and listen. Your ultimate goal is to develop a positive
partnership to improve the educational experience for your child.

5.Take a minute to follow up with a note thanking the teacher for the
opportunity to work together. Langston says she also likes to thank teachers for
"loving her child."  

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